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Efficiently Route Calls From Vonage Contact Center Into Microsoft Teams

Your company has just rolled out Microsoft Teams so you can enjoy great internal collaboration. But where does that leave your contact centre as it engages with customers and prospects outside the company?

Illustration of contact center agent serving customers and collaborating with co-workers with Microsoft Teams

A Tightly Integrated Contact Centre Is the Answer

It's smart to have your agents using Microsoft Teams—that way, they’re on the same platform as all the internal subject matter experts that they may need to reach out to for help resolving customer queries. But your customers and prospects won’t accept anything less than the best possible call quality and most reliable telephony solution.

That’s where Vonage Contact Center comes in. We tightly integrate with Microsoft Teams to make sure you get a best-in-class contact centre solution delivered through the Microsoft Teams application.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Vonage Agent Connect efficiently route calls from Vonage Contact Center into Microsoft Teams. The result? Improved call quality and reliability, bypassing the PSTN (public switched telephone network). Combined with Vonage’s existing Microsoft 365 Single-Sign-On capability, this provides an even deeper integrated experience.

Why Vonage Contact Center With Teams Integration?

Microsoft Office 365 customers can simplify their efforts through one platform for messaging and voice communications. Vonage Contact Center lets you route calls into Microsoft Teams, so that:

  • Agents using Microsoft Teams can call out through Vonage Contact Center, taking advantage of our global network and keeping voice traffic local to optimise quality and costs; conversely, any outbound calls made within Microsoft Teams will go over the normal PSTN
  • Agents can conduct back-office calls and consultations directly from their ContactPad to other Microsoft Teams users
  • Inbound calls to the contact centre answered with Microsoft Teams will update the Agent Presence State within the contact centre to “Busy Inbound” and the presence within Microsoft Teams to “Busy”
  • Any other existing contact centre integrations—for instance a CRM or other business application—will continue to function as usual, independent of the Microsoft Teams integration
  • Only those users required to have access to Microsoft Teams need to be added
  • Desk phones can be independent from Microsoft, providing both redundancy and flexibility; it also works seamlessly across PC, Mac, and mobile phones for all Microsoft Teams users
  • Additional Enterprise phone system functions can be provided to meet specific needs
  • The entire solution is backed up by Vonage’s services organisation, which provides a full portfolio of professional services, project management, and local number portability

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Want to deliver great employee and customer experiences? Customers using Vonage Contact Center for external communications and Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration now have a solution that works for every communication need. All capabilities are delivered through the familiar Microsoft Teams application, accelerating its adoption and return on investment.

(Our Unified Communications solution also offers deep integration with Microsoft Teams, giving you the ability to leverage all of your business communications through Teams.)

To learn more about Vonage Contact Center’s integration with Microsoft Teams, please contact us

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